Through­out its 60+ years BOMAG has nev­er been a com­pa­ny to stand still. At Hill­head BOMAG will exhib­it both new and improved mod­els across its range of light and heavy milling, paving and com­paction equip­ment. BOMAG’s theme for the exhi­bi­tion will be ‘digi­ti­sa­tion’ explain­ing its tech­nol­o­gy, includ­ing Con­tin­u­ous Com­paction Con­trol, which saves time and mon­ey and increase qual­i­ty assur­ance. More here!

Vis­i­tors to stand S1 will be able to engage in social media activ­i­ties and learn more about BOMAG’s after­mar­ket sup­port and end-user finance prod­ucts.

In June BOMAG will show­case its range of com­paction equip­ment and a selec­tion of the increas­ing­ly impor­tant and wide range of milling and paving equip­ment. In the UK BOMAG’s milling, paving, ground sta­bil­i­sa­tion and heavy com­paction prod­ucts are sold and sup­port­ed by a team of spe­cial­ists work­ing for BOMAG (GB) with access to the lat­est telem­at­ic infor­ma­tion, dig­i­tal diag­nos­tic equip­ment, ser­vice tools and gen­uine parts.

BOMAG will exhib­it a large 34.5 tonne BM 2000/75 milling machine and a com­pact 8 tonne BF 300P wheeled paver. The BM 2200/75, intro­duced in 2017, is pow­ered by a pow­er­ful 440kW Deutz 8-cylin­der engine. The 34.5 tonne BM 2000 has a work­ing width of 2,000mm and is designed for work on large jobs. This BOMAG is a pow­er­ful pro­duc­tion machine designed and built for a tough life milling road and indus­tri­al sur­faces. High per­for­mance and effi­cien­cy, makes this mod­el suit­able for repair work or the com­plete removal of motor­way or major road sur­faces. With a stan­dard width of 2000mm and a max­i­mum milling depth of 320mm, large areas can be quick­ly removed in one pass. Every detail on the quick-change milling drum and unique BMS 15 tool hold­er sys­tem con­tributes to the above aver­age pro­duc­tiv­i­ty of BOMAG mills. The 8 tonne BF 300P wheeled paver has a 4.8m3 hop­per and a max­i­mum screed width of 5m. Pow­ered by a 55.4kW Stage 3A Kub­o­ta engine and incor­po­rat­ing Eco­mode, an inte­grat­ed and auto­mat­ic engine man­age­ment sys­tem which match­es engine pow­er to demand, the BF 300 is designed and built for inner-city work on con­fined sites where its com­pact dimen­sions, manoeu­vra­bil­i­ty and excel­lent all-round vis­i­bil­i­ty make it ide­al.

Hill­head will be used to launch a new com­pact sin­gle drum roller to the UK mar­ket, the BW 124–5. This new gen­er­a­tion machine can be sup­plied with either a smooth or a pad­foot drum to best suit the customer’s appli­ca­tion. Pow­ered by a 33kW Deutz Tier 4 engine, with twin-pump hydraulics, the BW 124 has out­stand­ing com­paction pow­er with a choice of two ampli­tudes, excel­lent grade­abil­i­ty and strong off-road per­for­mance. An option­al doz­er blade is avail­able, and the BW 124 can also be equipped with the ful­ly inte­grat­ed Econ­o­miz­er sys­tem which pro­vides the oper­a­tor with a dis­play of real-time com­paction progress.

The pop­u­lar BMP 8500 trench-com­pactor, which will appear along­side the BW 124, now has an improved Econ­o­miz­er sys­tem fit­ted as stan­dard. The LED real-time com­paction dis­play now gives a more accu­rate read­ing in ‘half’ steps allow­ing users to obtain con­sis­tent com­paction over large areas. The real-time LED dis­play now shows com­paction progress from 1/2 to 10 i.e. 20 steps of pro­gres­sion.

For con­trac­tors work­ing on asphalt BOMAG has improve­ments for its mar­ket lead­ing prod­ucts. BOMAG sell a wide range of heavy tan­dem rollers for asphalt in a choice of con­fig­u­ra­tions and with a vari­ety of exciter sys­tems (stan­dard vibra­tion, Tan­go oscil­lat­ing vibra­tion and Asphalt Man­ag­er with ‘direct­ed vibra­tion’) for dif­fer­ent appli­ca­tions.

At Hill­head BOMAG will dis­play two heavy tandems, a BW 154 AD-5 with split drums and a piv­ot steer BW 174 AP-4F. Both machines are safe, pro­duc­tive and ver­sa­tile and they can work with mod­ern mate­ri­als includ­ing Stone Mas­tic Asphalt (SMA), Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) and binder.

The 8.3 tonne (CECE oper­at­ing weight) BW 154 AD-5 is ide­al for urban use with 1,680mm wide split-drums, front and rear, and an artic­u­lat­ed chas­sis which gives excel­lent manoeu­vra­bil­i­ty and a per­fect sur­face fin­ish even in tight turns and in round­abouts. The BW 154 AD-5 uses an ultra-reli­able, eco­nom­i­cal, low emis­sion Tier 4 final 55.4 kW 4-cylin­der Kub­o­ta engine which is con­trolled by the inte­grat­ed BOMAG ECOMODE engine man­age­ment sys­tem. This auto­mat­i­cal­ly match­es engine pow­er to demand reduc­ing fuel con­sump­tion by up to 30%. A spa­cious cab and intu­itive con­trols assist safe­ty and pro­duc­tiv­i­ty on busy and com­pact urban sites. With auto­mat­ic vibra­tion con­trol of 2 ampli­tudes and 2 fre­quen­cies opti­mal com­paction is achieved regard­less of the mate­r­i­al being rolled, the work­ing tem­per­a­ture or the appli­ca­tion on thin or thick lay­ers.

The BW 154 is avail­able with the option­al TELEMATIC POWER sys­tem which allows remote mon­i­tor­ing and man­age­ment of the machine. BOMAG TELEMATIC is avail­able on iOS, Android and web appli­ca­tions mak­ing it both con­ve­nient and ver­sa­tile to use. The advanced POWER sys­tem offers the fol­low­ing func­tions which help users opti­mise their fleet and con­trol costs:

  • Loca­tion track­ing 24x7
  • Geo-Fence (a warn­ing is trig­gered if the machine leaves a defined area)
  • Mon­i­tor­ing of stand­ing time
  • Record­ing of oper­at­ing hours
  • Ser­vice and main­te­nance plan­ning
  • Total and aver­age fuel con­sump­tion over time
  • Util­i­sa­tion of capac­i­ty and effi­cien­cy
  • Idle run­ning con­trol
  • Alarm warn­ings i.e. low oil pres­sure, high water tem­per­a­ture etc.

The sec­ond Hill­head asphalt machine, the BW 174 AP-4F, is a large 9.2 tonne piv­ot steer tan­dem designed and built for a tough life work­ing on large-scale new road builds or on main­te­nance of major roads and motor­ways.

The BW 174 is pow­ered by an eco­nom­i­cal, low emis­sion Tier 4 final 74.4 kW 4-cylin­der Deutz engine with inte­grat­ed ECOMODE engine man­age­ment to keep fuel con­sump­tion in check. The gen­er­ous cab space ensures relaxed work­ing, even on long shifts. The pow­er­ful heater, or option­al air con­di­tion­ing, keep things com­fort­able and wind­screens free of con­den­sa­tion. There is even a sep­a­rate loca­tion for a cool bag and a 12V sock­et. The BW 174 comes with two indi­vid­u­al­ly switch­able ampli­tudes per drum which is per­fect for a machine which will have to tack­le a wide range of appli­ca­tions.

The option­al TELEMATIC POWER sys­tem allows remote mon­i­tor­ing and man­age­ment of this pro­duc­tive machine. BOMAG now sup­ports The Asso­ci­a­tion of Equip­ment Man­age­ment Pro­fes­sion­als (AEMP) inter­face which pro­vides 19 data points which can be read by third par­ty telem­at­ic sys­tems, for added flex­i­bil­i­ty and con­ve­nience. The stan­dard also defines a for­mat which enables OEM’s to deliv­er fault code infor­ma­tion as part of the data feed.