Two NWM clients have agreed a clos­er work­ing rela­tion­ship with BOMAG step­ping up its secu­ri­ty mark­ing.

BOMAG, the leader in com­paction tech­nol­o­gy, has stepped-up its secu­ri­ty mark­ing on its ever-pop­u­lar range of asphalt tan­dem and sin­gle drum soil rollers in response to con­sis­tent­ly high rates of theft. Over 100 BOMAG rollers were stolen in the UK in 2017.
The CEA’s offi­cial secu­ri­ty mark­ing scheme CESAR has been avail­able as an option from BOMAG since July 2008 but from August it will be fit­ted as stan­dard to all new tan­dem and sin­gle drum rollers sold in the UK direct­ly and through BOMAG’s nation­wide net­work of offi­cial Com­paction Cen­tres.
Equip­ment theft has been marked­ly reduced, by over 60%, since the launch of CESAR in 2007 but it remains a prob­lem in the con­struc­tion indus­try with over 2,300 pieces of con­struc­tion equip­ment, worth over £60m, stolen in 2017. Com­pact equip­ment is now the most com­mon­ly stolen equip­ment as pro­fes­sion­al and oppor­tunis­tic thieves steal equip­ment in large pan­el vans with Mini-exca­va­tors, site-dumpers and tan­dem rollers dis­ap­pear­ing from sites dai­ly, many end­ing up in East­ern Europe only days lat­er.
Bomag’s Nation­al Sales man­ag­er Simon Kennedy had this to say on the announce­ment:
“Bomag is a rec­og­nized qual­i­ty brand and is in high demand around the world. With an increase in plant theft in gen­er­al, it is right that we do what we can to deter theft in the first place and assist with recov­ery in the sec­ond. Cesar from Datatag offers us a real­is­tic and work­able solu­tion.”
CESAR acts as a deter­rent against theft and an invalu­able aid in recov­ery, with CESAR marked machines more than twice as like­ly to be recov­ered as unmarked equip­ment. CESAR will be fit­ted to the BOMAG machines by ful­ly trained and crim­i­nal record bureau (CRB) vet­ted tech­ni­cians at its British base in Lark­field, Kent and by its offi­cial deal­ers.
BOMAG cus­tomers will ben­e­fit from this move with enhanced secu­ri­ty and reduced insur­ance pre­mi­ums as most lead­ing insur­ers offer insur­ance pre­mi­um dis­counts of up to 25% for CESAR marked machines.