Client CanTrack had a busy week with two theft recov­er­ies. Sto­ries post­ed on their web site, Tweet­ed, post­ed on LinkedIn com­pa­ny page and on Insta­gram!

6-hour recov­ery of stolen GAP Group Terex
This 6-hour recov­ery of a stolen Terex site-dumper, fit­ted with CanTrack’s com­pact, tough and self-con­tained Asset, start­ed with a theft report at 09:31 Hrs. The machine, belong­ing to lead­ing inde­pen­dent hir­er GAP Group, was stolen from a site in St Peters Square, Cas­tle Park, Bris­tol.
By 10:17 Hrs. CanTrack’s oper­a­tions room had estab­lished that the machine was now in the BS4 area of Bris­tol. An expe­ri­enced CanTrack inves­ti­ga­tor was imme­di­ate­ly despatched to the BS4 post­code area.
CanTrack’s inves­ti­ga­tor arrived in the BS4 post­code area in just over 2 hours and imme­di­ate­ly start­ed a sweep of the area using Radio Direc­tion (RDF) detec­tion. After a short time, the RDF sig­nal was obtained and traced to a large Mer­cedes van parked at the kerb in a res­i­den­tial street. Walk­ing past the parked vehi­cle the inves­ti­ga­tor noticed that the van had very com­pressed rear sus­pen­sion indi­cat­ing a heavy load in the rear, the RDF sig­nal also increased in prox­im­i­ty to the rear of the van.
As the van, with the stolen machine, could be dri­ven off at any time the inves­ti­ga­tor called the police on 999 and asked for assis­tance. Whilst wait­ing for the local police to arrive CanTrack’s inves­ti­ga­tor kept the van under obser­va­tion from a covert loca­tion.
As soon as the police arrived they exam­ined the van and estab­lished that it was also stolen and on false index plates. Due to the cir­cum­stances the police decid­ed to recov­er the van and con­tents for foren­sic exam­i­na­tion. With­in an hour the police recov­ery was com­plete, and the inves­ti­ga­tor left the scene in the knowl­edge that CanTrack’s cus­tomer, GAP Group, had got their machine back but that the own­er of the stolen van would also get his vehi­cle back.

Stolen vibrat­ing plate recov­ered and man ques­tioned by police
A stolen Altrad Belle vibrat­ing plate com­pactor, fit­ted with a CanTrack Asset, was recov­ered in under 48 hours in the North East.
The vibrat­ing plate was report­ed as stolen in the ear­ly hours of 7 Novem­ber from Mor­peth. The unit had missed com­mu­ni­ca­tion on the morn­ing of 9 Novem­ber with its next due to wake-up due Fri­day 10 Novem­ber. With the unit con­fig­ured to trans­mit a Radio Fre­quen­cy trans­mis­sion it report­ed its loca­tion, in a dif­fer­ent part of Mor­peth, and an inves­ti­ga­tor was despatched to affect a recov­ery. The inves­ti­ga­tor quick­ly arrived in the gen­er­al area and after a 10 minute ‘sweep’ he picked up the RF sig­nal which was found to be ema­nat­ing from the front gar­den of a house under con­struc­tion in Swar­land, Mor­peth.
The stolen Belle plate was not vis­i­ble but there were oth­er items of small con­struc­tion plant on the site. The inves­ti­ga­tor con­tact­ed Northum­bria Police and request­ed assis­tance on the site. After a short wait the local police arrived and after a walk round the site the stolen plate was found, hid­den behind a site-dumper. The stolen plate was sub­se­quent­ly recov­ered by its own­ers a lead­ing nation­al plant rental com­pa­ny.
The house­hold­er was ques­tioned by the police and admit­ted own­ing the stolen asset claim­ing to have pur­chased it legit­i­mate­ly a few days ear­li­er. He was then tak­en to police sta­tion for fur­ther ques­tion­ing.
Once again the com­pact, self-con­tained, com­pact Asset proved its worth in enabling a ‘rou­tine’ recov­ery.