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Client CanTrack had a busy week with two theft recoveries. Stories posted on their web site, Tweeted, posted on LinkedIn company page and on Instagram!

6-hour recovery of stolen GAP Group Terex
This 6-hour recovery of a stolen Terex site-dumper, fitted with CanTrack’s compact, tough and self-contained Asset, started with a theft report at 09:31 Hrs. The machine, belonging to leading independent hirer GAP Group, was stolen from a site in St Peters Square, Castle Park, Bristol.
By 10:17 Hrs. CanTrack’s operations room had established that the machine was now in the BS4 area of Bristol. An experienced CanTrack investigator was immediately despatched to the BS4 postcode area.
CanTrack’s investigator arrived in the BS4 postcode area in just over 2 hours and immediately started a sweep of the area using Radio Direction (RDF) detection. After a short time, the RDF signal was obtained and traced to a large Mercedes van parked at the kerb in a residential street. Walking past the parked vehicle the investigator noticed that the van had very compressed rear suspension indicating a heavy load in the rear, the RDF signal also increased in proximity to the rear of the van.
As the van, with the stolen machine, could be driven off at any time the investigator called the police on 999 and asked for assistance. Whilst waiting for the local police to arrive CanTrack’s investigator kept the van under observation from a covert location.
As soon as the police arrived they examined the van and established that it was also stolen and on false index plates. Due to the circumstances the police decided to recover the van and contents for forensic examination. Within an hour the police recovery was complete, and the investigator left the scene in the knowledge that CanTrack’s customer, GAP Group, had got their machine back but that the owner of the stolen van would also get his vehicle back.

Stolen vibrating plate recovered and man questioned by police
A stolen Altrad Belle vibrating plate compactor, fitted with a CanTrack Asset, was recovered in under 48 hours in the North East.
The vibrating plate was reported as stolen in the early hours of 7 November from Morpeth. The unit had missed communication on the morning of 9 November with its next due to wake-up due Friday 10 November. With the unit configured to transmit a Radio Frequency transmission it reported its location, in a different part of Morpeth, and an investigator was despatched to affect a recovery. The investigator quickly arrived in the general area and after a 10 minute ‘sweep’ he picked up the RF signal which was found to be emanating from the front garden of a house under construction in Swarland, Morpeth.
The stolen Belle plate was not visible but there were other items of small construction plant on the site. The investigator contacted Northumbria Police and requested assistance on the site. After a short wait the local police arrived and after a walk round the site the stolen plate was found, hidden behind a site-dumper. The stolen plate was subsequently recovered by its owners a leading national plant rental company.
The householder was questioned by the police and admitted owning the stolen asset claiming to have purchased it legitimately a few days earlier. He was then taken to police station for further questioning.
Once again the compact, self-contained, compact Asset proved its worth in enabling a ‘routine’ recovery.